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(HUD) found that more than 560,000 people were homeless in the United▓ States as of November 18, 2015. About one fourth of them were children under the a▓ge of 18 ( In N

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ates in▓ recent years, while income level

ew▓ York City, there were 59,568 ▓homeless people, including 14,▓361 homeless families with 23,858 homeless children, sleeping each night in municipal shelters in Oc

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s ▓remained stagnant. Fifty-five perc▓en

tober 2015, 86 percent higher than the number in 2005. People living on streets had no access to toilets or showers (, November 11, 2015). In recen

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t years, Los Angeles, Seat▓tle, Portland and the state of Hawaii have all r▓ecently declared emergencies over the rise of homelessness (, November 20, 201

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acrifice to afford t

5).Human right to health of U.S. people was not ▓fully protected. According to a report of the Institute for Policy Innova▓tion released on September 18, 2015, there wer▓e still 33 million people in the United States uninsured, although U.S. Congress had passed the health care reform bill in 2010, promising to establish a universal healthcare system (, September 18,▓ 2015). The United States was reported to have the worst medical care system and the h

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ighest number of infant mortalities out of 11 developed countries (, August 23, 2015). The▓re were more than 6,200 places nationwide with a shortage of primary care physicians (, December 12, 2015). Today, more than ▓1.2 millio

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n people in the United States were HIV-positive. About one in eigh▓t of those infected were unaware of

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their status (, December 9, 2015). There was a significant differen

stainable levels (www.usat

ce between the health conditions of the rich and the poor. According to an AFP report on Oc▓tober 14, 2015, i

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